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Best Car Subwoofers Under 100$ in 2021: Expert's Top Choices and Recommendations

Looking for Best Car Subwoofers Under 100$ is never such that easy as we'll suggest you top best sellers of them in 2023. There're reviews and FAQs available if you want to get more info...

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What is the most important thing when it comes to audio? No doubt, it's the quality of bass. therefore we will talk about the best car subwoofers under 100$ to entertain you with the superb audio experience while travelling. 

And if you have a limited budget, don’t worry we got this. Here on this list, you will see some of the best budget subwoofers as well. That will improve the quality also will be lighter on your wallet. 

So before moving towards the reviews and the buying guide, you will need to know what subwoofer is? and what is its function? 

A subwoofer is just a large loudspeaker that controls the base. It reproduces low-pitched audio that we have as the bass. And if you are a bass lover, subwoofers are essential for you.

Buying Guides:

Now, we will move towards the buying guide to help you take the decision, and prevent you from buying the wrong product.


A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that controls the bass. So to add more bass to your audio and to make your audio experience even more refined, you will have to buy a subwoofer.

But if you have no interest in the bass, buying a subwoofer is up to you. Both aspects make no difference.


Many types of a single product will help you choose the right one. Same as for the subwoofers. Many types of subwoofers may serve in various ways, and also differ from each other.


As you all know, some subwoofers are larger. And as for subwoofers drivers, they also acquire large places. And you will have to install them inside a subwoofer, to work without any errors. Talking about their size they are usually 8-15 inches.


The second type of subwoofers is the powered subwoofers. As the name suggests, they have powered subwoofers that combine woofer and subwoofer. Talking about the size, they will not occupy much space, but you’ll see limitations in the production of the bass.


The 3rd and final type is the subwoofers that are made just for the vehicles. But they are not ideal if you’re looking for big bass.


Talking about space, it is as much important for your sound system as ketchup in fires, popcorn in a movie, and sausage in a hot dog. If you have a small car and have limited space. It is best not to go for the subwoofers. 

As they cost you a lot of space and also make things more complicated, but are also some small-sized subwoofers. Yet always check the space you have before making any decision. Like the JBL Stage 1010 Subwoofer providing you with a 10 inch subwoofer.

As the number of voice coils, you will get sensitivity, power it offers you, enclosures, etc.


Checking the coils before buying a subwoofer may be beneficial for you. Many subwoofers come with 1-2 coils. 

The only difference between them is the wiring flexibility it offers you when installing it. Subwoofers with 2 coils usually tend to give more flexibility than the ones with only 1 coil. The Skar SDR-10 D2 contains 4 voice coils.


Whereas, sensitivity is concerned. Always check the sensitivity of the subwoofers. A subwoofer with low sensitivity can produce the same type of sound as the one with high sensitivity. 

So checking the sensitivity of your subwoofer can make things a lot easier.


RMS ratings are always worth the attention. Whether you're looking for an amplifier or a subwoofer, they are worth the attention.Every product in your sound system has its RMS ratings, from speakers to amplifiers.

You will need to check the RMS of the speakers, and the amplifier, just to make sure that your amplifier can handle the subwoofer.


  1. JBL Stage 1010 Subwoofer:

Firstly, we have JBL Stage 1010 Subwoofer. When we talk about JBL, you will always find them in 1st place. From mini-speakers to subwoofers, they have it all. 

As much as the quality is concerned, you will see a great design in matte black color, in the middle, a classy JBL logo.

One of the best 10-inch car subwoofers, and with a diameter of 1.5 meters, making it small yet, one of the best subwoofers out there. It also offers you a scratch-less surface, and also prevents any unwanted frequencies, retaining the quality of your audio. 

When you talk about JBL’s products, they offer you a lot at cheap prices. The same goes for the JBL Stage 1010. And using polypropylene for its manufacturing, making it even more worth it, as it doesn’t trap any dust.

It is also temperature and moisture resistant, hence makes it even more worth buying. For the price, it is 97$. 

  • Small and thin.

  • Temperature and scratch-resistant.

  • Gives you 800 watts of power.

  • Great design

  • Moist resistant.

  • None found.

  • Lanzar 15 inch Subwoofer: 

Secondly, we have Lanzar 15in Subwoofer. A subwoofer which will be in your budget and also offers you a lot. As we talk about the design, if compared to the JBL stage 1010, it is better than JBL. But let’s compare the specs. 

Meanwhile, talking about its performance it is as good as you can imagine. With double voice coils both 2.5 inches and a built-in amplifier, that will boost the quality of your audio.

It also comes with a cooling feature, which will prevent overheating, keeping your sound quality as good as possible. 

But here, 2 factors make it less and more preferable than the JBL. The size gives JBL the lead as JBL offers you 10 inches and Lanzar offers you 12-inches. And the built-in amplifier and the price also give the lead here to Lanzar, as the amplifier was missing in JBL. 

As far as the price is concerned, it is 75$, if compared to the JBL it is way less.

  • Built-in amplifier

  • Dual voice coil.

  • 12 inches of overall size.

  • Great design

  • Bit expensive.

  • Rockford Fosgate R2SD4:

The third subwoofer for cars you’ll find here on our list is Rockford Fosgate R2SD4. A 12 inch subwoofer, with the classic design combined with matte black color. In the middle, we have the Rockford logo. 

With a sensitivity of 85db, and an RMS rating of 500 watts, a medium-sized subwoofer. And if you ask us about the frequency range, it is 29-250 Hz.

And as the cone of JBL was made up of polypropylene, you will also see the material here in Rockford.

Talking about the price it is the cheapest of all of the 2 mentioned above, offering all of these cool features for only 66$. Thus, is the best budget car subwoofer so far.

  • Dual voice coil.

  • Polypropylene cone.

  • Medium-sized

  • Classic design

  • Affordable

  • No built-in amplifier.

  • Skar SDR-10 D2:

So the fourth one on the list is Skar SDR-10 D2. One of the cheapest yet, a type of subwoofer which offers you everything.

 The best thing we felt about Skar is the variety of size it gives you. From 8 inches to 18 inches, especially for big vehicles like trucks, etc, you can have them all. 

With the cheapest price as compared to other mentioned subwoofers. RMS rating is 600 watts, but for the peak, it is 1200 watts, taking the crown of the most powerful subwoofer in this list.

Giving you the sensitivity of 97db, and 4 voice coils, that gives it the power to handle almost all types of sounds. A great design with a classy and stylish logo, ideally designed for ventilation, and much more.

And the price is only 39.99$.

  • Great design and classy logo.

  • 4 voice coils.

  • 1200 watts of power (at peak)

  • Sensitivity of 97db

  • Super Affordable.

  • No built-in amplifier.



ANS: Every company has a feature that differs it from the others, so, it is hard to say which company is the best. The Same goes for the subwoofers, there are many features to look at or to check when buying a subwoofer.

Like the sensitivity, RMS rating, design, number of voice coil it contains, and much more. But if you ask us for recommendations, then Rockford Fosgate R2SD4, Lanzar 15in Subwoofer is some of the best subwoofers you can find.


ANS: Talking about the cheapest subwoofers, there are a lot. But the majority of them are not worth it. But the case is different in Skar SDR-10 D2, and Rockford Fosgate R2SD4, Because here Skar and Rockford are giving you everything which a high-end subwoofer offers you, but for 39.99$ and 66$.


ANS: When big vehicles are concerned, they need a big and powerful subwoofer, to make the sound quality touch the sky. 

Here the Skar SDR-10 D2 offers not only the subwoofer for the trucks but also for small vehicles. Offing you different sizes ranging from 8-18 inches, which is in our opinion is ideal for big and small vehicles. 


ANS: The answer for this is YES, but at the same time, NO. The YES part is for those who want to install them in their home or theaters. Despite being the fact that the multiple subwoofers make the bass more smooth and good at listening.

You can install multiple subwoofers in your car as well. But DO NOT install multiply powerful subwoofers like Skar SDR-10 D2, because if you did you’ll drive your car but without windows.


ANS: Generally, installing powerful subwoofers is firstly bad for your car’s windows and also for the battery. As powerful subwoofers need high voltage as well, so it will affect your battery and your windows. 

But if you still want to buy them, here are some: Lanzar 15in Subwoofer, Rockford Fosgate R2SD4.


Get ready, because we’re about to reveal the king of the ring, making suspense right? The winner of this list is Skar SDR-10 D2 because it had to be it. If you look at the price which is 39.99$, you will think that you’re buying some bad quality product.

But here it is the opposite, you’re buying a jackpot. But why we put it in 1st place? Because of the features, it offers you. You’ll get 4 voice coil, 1200 watts of power, 97db of sensitivity, and much more.

But if you’re looking for the best subwoofer with an amplifier, then we will highly recommend Lanzar 15in Subwoofer. As compared to JBL Stage 1010 Subwoofer, they in some aspects are the same. In fact, in some categories, we find Lanzar 15in better than JBL.

Let’s also not forget Rockford Fosgate R2SD4 and JBL Stage 1010 Subwoofer here on the list.

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