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MUZISHARE X3T Tube Headphone Amplifier Class A sinle-Ended EL84 Valve Integrated Amplifier


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Product info:

• Part Number MUZISHARE X3T
• Dimensions 5.70865 x 10.6299 x 9.64565 Inches

Product features

MUZISHARE Audio X3T is a Headphone amplifier . This is an integrated Amplifier too.

Upgraded X3T: 1. The pre-stage tube adopts 12AX7 circuit design with more vivid tone. 2. Increase the balanced output in the earphone part, adopting the most anticipated output among earphone fans, aiming at high-end earphone users. 3. Increase the Bluetooth receiving function.

pure hand-made, machine scaffolding with welding,It come with a tube cage cover.

Using two high-quality wide-frequency high-quality Japanese EI output transformer; 1/4" headphone jack,

Two tubes 5AR4 for tube rectifier power supply,Use 2x 6N3 vacuum tube for preamp stage; use EL84 vacuum tube to be Class A Single-ended power amplification;

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