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Mecela Blue LED Speaker with Sharp Eye USB Powered 3.5mm Stereo Audio for PC, MP3 Player, Laptops, Smartphone (White)

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Product info:

• Color White
• Dimensions 4.13385 x 2.7559 x 3.1496 Inches

Product features

★ USB powered, smart and compatible. No need to set up additional power supply equipment, save cumbersome wire management, keep the USB cable connected to the computer interface to supply power, make the desktop more concise, the audio input can be connected to a computer, TV, mobile phone, etc.

★ There is a low-frequency amplifier on the back of the speaker, which effectively enhances the low-frequency sound effect, superimposes the low-frequency energy inside and outside the speaker, and releases a powerful bass output, which is full of volume and enjoys stereo sound effects.

★ Exciting music with colorful cold blue lights, like being in a wonderful magical world, falling into sharp eyes, playing games is more exciting, and the audiovisual sensory experience is more shocking!

★ Small body is used with a computer, you can listen to the simple and natural sound, enjoy the unconstrained violent sound of the bass diaphragm, and arouse the freedom you desire.

★ These speakers with sharp eye are compatible with any audio device with 3.5mm stereo audio, like Smartphone, MP3 Player, Androids, Desktops, and Laptops.

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