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Bravex Compression Tester Kit - Petrol Engine Cylinder Compression Gauge Automotive Compression Gauge Tester with Adapter & Hose(8 Pieces Set)

By Bravex

  15 reviews

Product info:

• Part Number TESTER01
• Dimensions 2.36 x 11.42 x 8.27 Inches

Product features

2.75'' Triple-scale gauge (0-300 psi, 0-21 kg/cm², 0-20 bar) with release valve.

Brass adapters for most engines (M10, M12, M14, M18).

Angled universal direct shaft & straight universal direct shaft included to allow for quick measurement without threading.

Rugged carrying case, removable storage tray.

Professionally-tested, all gauges are precision-manufactured and undergo a professional 72-hour pressure holding test before leaving the factory. Works on petrol engines on motorbikes, cars, trucks and lawn mowers.

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